The "Spiral Method" is our secret to giving you a one-of-a-kind wedding in the world

matrimonio civile nella natura Roma La Seminatrice Location per eventi a Roma Mentana-Metodo a spirale è il nostro segreto per regalarti un matrimonio unico al mondo

The spiral is one of the most common geometric shapes in nature: from sunflower petals to seashells, cyclone motion, galaxies, and DNA. 

But the spiral is also a fluid path that allows us to approach our goal gradually, minimizing obstacles, issues, and difficulties.

With the “Spiral Design Method”, we’ve devised four cycles of phases (IDEATION, PLANNING, ACTION, and VERIFICATION) repeated multiple times to gradually move closer to the desired outcome.


We reflect on what you desire for your wedding, choose the reception style, and together, we figure out how to make it happen.

This is the starting point to ensure a unique reception, immersed in the beauty, flavors, and scents that only Mother Nature can offer.


Planning is crucial to divide the various activities and set the timelines within which to accomplish them.

In this phase, we divide the tasks and understand which activities will be directly handled by us and which ones will be followed by the couple.


In this phase, we take action. We prepare quotes, create drafts, contact suppliers – in short, we get things moving!

At the next meeting, we will show you various options so you can choose the one you prefer or modify something to make it more suitable for you.


It's the moment when, cycle by cycle, we check the progress and identify any issues that need to be resolved.

This phase allows us to stick to the timeline and implement countermeasures for any unexpected challenges that may have arisen in the previous phases.

After the VERIFICATION phase, the cycle restarts to develop a spiral that will guide you all the way to your wedding day.

Our Method, refined through years of experience and countless weddings we’ve been a part of, especially with many couples who live apart, safeguards you from problems, time losses, and the anxiety (and stress) that often accompany wedding planning, particularly for those who are organizing every detail of their special day from abroad.

But that’s not all… 

Because thorough planning and continuous verification are essential for adhering to your budget and avoiding unnecessary financial waste!

The end result?

A wedding in Italy, set in a natural backdrop, with a reception adorned by exquisite floral arrangements, and the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Eternal City together with your loved ones in the days leading up to or following the celebration.