Escape to Paradise: La Seminatrice,
Nature's Secret Haven near Rome

A Wedding Destination to Unravel Rome's Rich Heritage and marry in Nature


The Seminatrice is vast green spaces, rare trees, and breathtaking natural architecture. A truly unique setting to experience a magical and unforgettable reception.


We have marriage license for authentic civil weddings. In addition to this, we combine the beauty and care of a ceremony built around you and your love story.


Whether it's a civil or religious ceremony, we design every detail of the wedding together with you. Our experience is at your disposal to relieve you from the stress of organization and distance and ensure a wedding that exceeds expectations.

Are you looking to get married in Italy but worried about the organization and budget required to make your dream come true?

Perhaps you’re also concerned about not speaking Italian well, or not speaking it at all, and the worry that it might be difficult to communicate and define with the vendors what is necessary, adding to your previous concerns.

So, what can you do? 

You’re probably considering the support of a wedding planner, but those who live and work in England still have a partial view of the specificities of getting married in Italy, from bureaucracy to the many vendors, from the language to the wide variety of local Italian products and solutions.

But if you’re reading these lines, it’s because you hope to find an effective solution to your difficulties…

Hidden in Sabina, the new Tuscany, within the Monti Lucretili Park, La Seminatrice is a space reserved for those who love freedom and dream of getting married amidst the beauties of Mother Earth.

The spectacle is incredible: the beauty, scents, colors, and sounds of nature will offer you, your partner, and all the guests a memorable, exciting, and evocative experience. 

We are proud of the three rare natural architectures, that have grown and blossomed over time:

"The Cathedral"

Well known also as The Enchanted Forest. A captivating nave formed by hazelnut branches. All couples fall in love with this special place and can’t wait to walk through it amidst the applause and tears of friends and family.

"The Bamboo Grove"

A splendid and rare forest of Giant Bamboo. The perfect location for capturing the wedding photoshoot.

"The Mistery Dome"

Three living domes that welcome and enchant the bride and groom and their guests.

Those who enter this corner of paradise are captivated by a magical atmosphere. Here, you breathe such a relaxing air that it will feel like entering a separate world.

La Seminatrice is born from the creative and practical spirit of its owner...

Chiara De Vita has been organizing weddings since she was little and has been able to transform the old “Country House” surrounded by greenery into the Venue “La Seminatrice”. 

A corner of earthly paradise reserved for couples who dream of a chic wedding, but in symbiosis with nature.

Since 2016, this venue has hosted authentic civil weddings (as it has license for) and receptions for weddings with religious ceremonies.

To organize your Italian outdoor wedding, Chiara offers her experience in the Wedding Project

Together with the La Seminatrice family team,she helps you organizing your wedding starting from finding vendors (such as photographer, band, catering service, decorations, and flowers),manage the logistics of guest transportation and B&B accommodation, define the wedding style and so on.

All this through video conferencing!
This way, you can avoid unpleasant surprises.

You can eliminate stress and anxiety because you don’t have to worry about a million things. There will be someone to remind you what to do and when or simply doing it for you.

And if your wedding is a civil ceremony, Chiara will work with you to create a customized ceremony that reflects your love story. 

In short, you will receive the best advice to live a dream wedding – even better than you imagine – without spending exorbitant amounts.

How can we achieve this goal?

The "Spiral Method" to guide you in choosing
and defining every single detail of the wedding

We have built the Method taking inspiration from nature, which teaches us that the spiral is the most fluid path to approach the goal gradually, overcoming all obstacles and difficulties.

With the “Spiral Design Method” we go through cycles of 4 phases: IDEATION, PLANNING, ACTION, and VERIFICATION, which are repeated multiple times to progressively approach the desired outcome.

And for foreign couples, the ACTION phase is often directly taken care of by the La Seminatrice family team.


In this phase, we brainstorm what you desire for your wedding. We choose the style, identify the elements to incorporate, and determine what is necessary to bring them to life. This is the starting point to ensure a unique and special reception unlike any other.


Planning is crucial to divide the various tasks and set the timelines within which to accomplish them. This phase allows you to anticipate and mitigate any potential issues or effectively find solutions in case they arise.


It's time to take action! In this phase, we support you (with a supervision activity or doing it for you) to avoid wasting time and energy in searching for suppliers and services that do not meet your needs.


This is the phase where, cycle by cycle, we check the progress and address any issues that need to be resolved. This phase is crucial to ensure that the established timelines are met and to implement countermeasures for any unforeseen challenges that may have arisen in the previous phases.

After the VERIFICATION, the cycle resumes, forming a spiral that allows us to smoothly and consistently reach the wedding day without stress

Our couples have fallen in love at first sight with the Venue

Our couples have fallen in love at first sight with the Venue

Book your videocall with us

If you want to marry in Italy, near Rome but you truly love nature, freedom, and dream of a different wedding to be experienced amidst the beauty of Mother Earth… you should book a call with us.

You can leave us your details and freely choose the time and day to be contacted via Whatsapp or Telegram.  

During the videcall, you will speak with our location manager, who will provide you with initial information about La Seminatrice and, together with you, will begin to understand how to make your “special day” come alive amidst our wonderful natural architectures.

Now we would like to bid you farewell with one last piece of advice: La Seminatrice operates only during the beautiful season (from late April to early October)

And, to ensure a special, perfect, and unforgettable reception, we have decided to accommodate only a limited number of events

That’s why, if you’re truly interested in celebrating your wedding amidst the Bamboo Forest, the Hazel Cathedral, and the Kiweto, you should enter your details and book your call right away!