From a Country House to "La Seminatrice" Venue...

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Sono Chiara De Vita, titolare de La Seminatrice e questa è la storia della nostra location…

Around the 1970s , my father built his Country House on the land where La Seminatrice stands today. It was initially used for private purposes and over time, a few select religious wedding receptions were organized there.

My mother, Mamma Oretta, managed the events, and I often helped her. In fact, I remember assisting with my first wedding at the age of 12 for an American couple.

Crescendo scelgo di staccarmi dal mondo della cucina e degli eventi per laurearmi e lavorare come ingegnere.

As I grew up, I decided to step away from the world of cuisine and events to pursue a degree in engineering and work in that field.
However, whenever Mamma Oretta organized an event, I was always there to support her.

In 2005, following my father’s passing, my mother stopped organizing weddings because the country house reminded her too much of my father, Carlo.

Despite this, she continued to oversee the property and kept it in good condition.

During that time, I also completely distanced myself from the events industry to work as a project manager, but it wasn’t a permanent farewell…

Because in 2015, after a prolonged illness, Mamma Oretta had to give up her passion. Amidst numerous challenges, I found myself contemplating:

“What will become of our beloved country house? A part of our lives and my childhood remains there!”

In 2016, after months of doubts and evaluations, I decide that the property will return to being an event venue

That year, we start the renovation works, which were extensive. We also initiate the process to become an “Official Town Hall” to have the license to host authentic civil weddings, with full legal validity.

We also decide on a new name that was suggested by an old seed planter positioned at the entrance, which my future husband and I painstakingly restore. And so, we become…

“La Seminatrice”!

After months of work, the first event with a civil ceremony takes place, and do you know who the lucky couple is?

My current husband and I!

From that event, our corner of paradise has grown and flourished over time because we continued to arrange, expand, and improve every single detail.

La Seminatrice is the ultimate expression of Mother Nature and her extraordinary creations

If you choose to get married in this enchanting place, in addition to pristine streams, green meadows, and flowers of all kinds, you and your guests will find yourselves admiring “Il Kiweto”, a pergola of kiwi trees… 

You will be breathless before the majesty of the “Grande Quercia” (The Great Oak)…

You will stroll amidst the colors and scents of the “Giardino della Gioia” (The Garden of Joy), a vast flat green lawn…

But above all, you will have the fortune of experiencing a day in contact with three rare natural architectures:

The “Cattedrale”, (The Cathedral), an evocative aisle formed by hazelnut branches (those who walk through it swear to feel an indescribable emotion).

The “Bambuseto” (The Bamboo Grove), a splendid and rare forest of Giant Bamboo. Entering this forest allows you to fully experience the magic of nature.

And finally, the “Mistery Dome”: a natural dome that is flowering right now, enchanting both couples and guests passing through it.

During the reception, we dress nature, making it elegant and comfortable for you and your guests. Lights, decorations, and arrangements create an even more magical atmosphere.

Organizing a long-distance wedding requires perfect organization!

With our Wedding Project service, we help couples define everything needed to make their dream event come true. We assist them with the ceremony and paperwork, help them find the right vendors (caterers, photographers, videographers, musicians, makeup artists, hairstylists, etc.), guide them in defining the mood, color palette, and floral decorations. We also assist with guest logistics (transfers, accommodations, etc.). In short, we will be their guide throughout the entire journey.

But that’s not all…

At La Seminatrice, in case of rain, you won't have to worry about Plan B...

... thanks to our two-way organization!

Every bride’s nightmare is rain, and even more so if you want to have an outdoor wedding. The consequence of a terrible reception all cramped indoors becomes even more unbearable.

When the weather forecast predicts rain, many venues, as a precaution, “protect” the wedding by arranging all phases, from the ceremony to the reception, indoors (which is also easier for them to manage).

But what if the predicted rain doesn’t come? What if after just a few drops, the sky clears up and it becomes a beautiful day again?

You risk spending a SAD day indoors even though the sun is shining outside!

You risk seeing the disappointed looks of guests gazing out of the windows, wishing they could continue celebrating outdoors! 

At La Seminatrice, even though we can’t control the rain, we provide the couple with:

A TWO-WAY ORGANIZATION that shelters the wedding when it rains, but is able to quickly move everything outside if the weather improves.

In case of bad weather, there are 3 covered structures (2 wonderful marquees and 1 gazebo) that can comfortably accommodate the couple and guests. However, if the weather permits, our goal is to have an outdoor reception!

Our Values

All our values are encapsulated in the Italia word “FOGLIA” in English LEAF:

Family (It: Famiglia)

We are an company that operates like a family and treats its customers as dear family memeber.

Organization (It: Organizzazione)

With our Wedding Project service, we meticulously take care of every detail of the wedding. This way, you can get married without stress and with the utmost peace of mind no matter where you live.

Gratitude (It: Gratitudine)

We are grateful to nature for allowing us to work in this corner of paradise, and if you choose our location, we will be honored to host your most special day.

Freedom (It: Libertà)

By offering you the beauties of Mother Nature, we aim to help you create a wedding and ceremony where you and your loved ones will feel free and serene.

Commitment (It: Impegno)

We will go the extra mile for your smile and joy. That day will be unforgettable, it's a promise!

Welcome (It: Accoglienza)

Nature may be wild, but we can dress it up to provide you with a comfortable, chic, and truly one-of-a-kind wedding experience where your guests will feel warmly welcomed.